I have taught introductory courses in sociological theory, social problems, and research methods in the Sociology department as well as the Business School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Besides these courses, I can teach a wide range of introductory and advanced courses in Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Environmental Sociology and Sustainability, Organizational Theory, Sociology of Regulation, Sociology of Risk, Strategy, Public Policy, and Quantitative and Comparative-Historical Research Methods.

Contemporary American Society (Soc125), Fall 2011 and Fall 2012

Business Analytics I (GB306), Fall 2016

Methods of Social Inquiry (Soc357), Spring 2017

Survey of Sociology (Soc210), Spring 2014

Outside the classroom, I have worked for the ‘Educational Partnerships for Innovative Communities Network’ (EPIC-N). EPIC-N partners U.S. as well as international universities with cities. The program integrates concrete city problems into undergraduate or graduate courses and thereby allows cities to benefit from cutting-edge research and innovative thinking while solving concrete problems. I hope to introduce the program into my future institution and into my own courses.